M I N D F U L N E S S       P R A C T I C E

and    M I N D F U L     E A T I N G     T R A I N I N G
Stress Reduction,  Meditation,  Mindful Eating Instruction
near Springfield, Massachusetts

Learn awareness of the mind and body and reduce stress
through mindfulness-based stress reduction - MBSR
• Simple ways to deal with stress
• Better concentration
• More composure in difficult times
• Greater creativity
• Increased capacity for kindness
• More self-acceptance
A program based on the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder of the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School

Try a guided mindfulness practice with Leslie
"We may miss many moments of life because our minds are preoccupied with planning the future or worrying about the past.  Mindfulness practices help us to see clearly the activity of the mind.  Mindfulness practice can help us to stop where we are, in order to see more clearly what is happening.

Through the cultivation of stillness and purposeful attention, we begin to know and see more of our world.  In this way, we become less caught in constant doing, and learn to relax.

Through mindful awareness practices, we learn the art of facing dilemmas and problems - also called stress.  Facing our problems can lead to more effective functioning, and consequently to more joy and well-being."

Leslie Smith Frank, Mindfulness Teacher
Leslie Smith Frank, Mindfulness Teacher


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