"Leslie is a wonderful teacher.  She is very skillful at explaining mindfulness practice and, more importantly, at guiding her students into their own mindful experiences.  Her classes are safe and welcoming, and the group exercises are really worthwhile.  Her curiosity, compassion and insight help individualize her teaching.  Although her classes are the perfect starting point for beginners, I took Leslie’s class after a few years of studying and practicing mindfulness and really deepened my understanding."

                                Attorney, MBSR student

"Leslie is gifted at leading the exercises.  In addition to the "mechanics" of the meditation, she is gifted with a calming voice and presence."
                                Project Manager, MBSR student

"I have been to a couple of other minfulness sessions, and found Leslie's to be the most inviting, calming and effective.  I even learned to like yoga.  When we started, I hated it!"
                                 Financial administrator, MBSR student


“Because of the program, I have a new perspective - a new way to view stress, discomfort, frustration, relationsips with others, judgment of myself and others and a new set of tools to mange it all!  I feel more in touch with myself and am kinder as well.  This course has had a huge impact on my life and direction I will take to manage stress.  Overall, I am more relaxed, more trusting of myslef and confidant that mindful awarenss is critical to my happiness.”

                                Nurse, MBSR student


“I learned tools I need to live my life- that help me cope with daily stresses.”

                                Administrator, MBSR student


“I enjoyed the entire experience.  Leslie brought a lot to this class. She helped us to explore our stresses . . .with yoga yoga and meditation.  I learned to slow down and process better, to put more emphasis on self and engage with others in new ways.”

                                Bay Path University student


“I found that working on ‘me’ encouraged me to continue to work on ‘me’ .  I always thought that meditation would be hard, but Leslie taught in a clear way that was easy to follow.  I will continue with meditative practices because I saw the health, psychological, social and emotional benefits clearly within a few short weeks.”

                                Bay Path University student


“I especially like the yoga and meditation.  The best part of the class was the group discussion.  The instructor had a lot of insight.”

                                Bay Path University student


“I think I better understand what stresses me out and now I know how to help myself when I do get stressed.”    

                                Rachel, teen program


“I feel that I have learned how to deal with stress in a healthy way.  I feel more connected to my body.  When I realize I am stressed, I can focus on my breath.”

                                Lucy, teen program


“What I got from the program was learning to focus and seeing that I can relax.”

                                Brent, teen program

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What students are saying about Mindful Eating:
"This is exactly the type of healing I need in my chaotic life right now. This course is not only informing me but teaching me a new way of life. I am grateful to be a part of this wonderful experience!"
"I really learned a great deal about myself and how much my childhood eating still plays a role in my present day."
"This is helping refine my habits and bring awareness to what I am putting in my mouth and why."
"I pay more attention to what I am eating now rather than daydreaming. . . " 

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